Selasa, 26 Januari 2010


For those who like to facebook, now there are quite a lot of software that can be used facebook. Free software you can use for activities in facebook without having to login on facebook famous heavy enough.

Facebook Using this software, you can still berfacebookan. But before you download these widgets, you need to install the Yahoo Widget Engine first. Once installed, you can install software widgets to manage your facebook below:

1. Facebook Chat 1.0
This application for chatting on facebook.
Size: 1:38 MB | Download here

2. Facebook Video 2.1.7
Software to Download or convert videos and put video Facebook outside of Facebook.
Size: 9 KB | Download here

3. Unblock Facebook Proxy 2.0
To unblock facebook access.
Size: 1.28 MB | Download here

4. Facebook Toolbar 1.3
Brothersoft integration between the browser.
Size: 141 KB | Download here

5. Facebook Desktop 1.0b
Software to view the various events that occurred in facebook.
Size: 464 KB | Download here

6. Facebook Gadget
Get notified of facebook on your desktop
Size: 56 KB | Download here

7. Facebook Notifier 1.0
Get notified of facebook on your desktop, change status, etc.
Size: 10 KB | Download here

8. Boost for Facebook 9.0.18
Customize facebook to 300 + facebook skins.
Size: 66 KB | Download here

9. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto 1.0.5
Export photos directly from your facebook
Size: 191 KB | Download here

10. Facebook Chat Notifications 1.3.1
Notifications also, but infonya will emerge from the bottom right corner of your window
Size: 2 KB | Download here

11. Facebook (er) 1.3
Access all your facebook information from the desktop
Size: 250 KB | Download here

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